Civil litigation

A dispute is not a place in which you wish to find yourself – either commercially or personally. And if you are in such a situation, it’s not always easy to know the best way forward.

Whether, for instance, you’re in a dispute over a debt, property, professional negligence, land or employment, the prospect of going to Court or Tribunal can be stressful and challenging. It needn’t be. We’ll clearly explain the area of law that relates to your situation and steer you toward the most constructive result.

We’re adept in the procedures and technical elements of litigation. We’re renowned for identifying breaches of contract and considering the application of law to any set of circumstances.

If your matter can potentially reach a conclusion out of Court by alternative means, we’ll explain how and why, and work with you to reach the desired resolution. But if Court is the only way, we’ll take you there and secure the best possible outcome.

Civil Litigation – our areas of expertise…

  • Contract disputes. Commercial contracts/informal agreements; identification of/action on breaches of contract; potential damage calculation.
  • Debt recovery (private/commercial). Tailored creditor advice on legal rights, procedures and a wide range of enforcement options; debtor advice/negotiation settlements.
  • Property litigation disputes (commercial/residential). Landlord & Tenant rent and/or service charge arrears; dilapidations; forfeiture, breach of contracts and applications to Court for new tenancies under the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954.
  • Land disputes. Advice and investigation of boundary line disputes; party wall liability; settlement guidance.
  • Joint ownerships/cohabitation disputes. Advice/negotiation/settlement for owners where properties are owned jointly, but one party no longer wishes to continue the association.
  • Employment disputes. If negotiations fail, advice and guidance for employers or employees throughout Employment Tribunal process; procedures and potential settlement negotiations with ACAS.
  • Professional negligence disputes. Advising and issuing.
  • Insolvency. Advising on and issuing court proceedings arising from liquidation; bankruptcy or administration.

Are you in a dispute?

…We’re a winning combination of legal knowledge, experience and service.

We’re here to help.

Kate Williams

Managing Partner and Head of Litigation

Sheena Bradfield

Paralegal, Litigation

Denise Bullock

Solicitor, Family Law and Litigation

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