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I haven’t got a Will

Your Will is your last chance to exercise control over your affairs and to change people’s lives so it is very important! With no Will, you have no say over who gets what and when – on your death, the law will pass some (but not all) joint assets to the co-owner then divide what is left among some of your relatives. The result may not be at all what you want. It may leave people you care about having…

The Minority Shareholder Trap

You and your three friends start up a business. It takes off and, on the advice of your accountant, the four of you form a limited company. Each of you has 25% of the shares. You are a minority shareholder, but that doesn’t both you. Why should it? The business has grown and is now worth £1m. In your mind, your shares are therefore worth £250,000. You probably haven’t thought about it but, if asked, you expect that on your…

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